Pick-Up & Delivery

Our San Diego County sharpening service provides pick-up and delivery of your beveled and convex stylists, barber and dog grooming shears, clipper blades and culinary knives. Instead of providing me with a designated space in your hair salon, barbershop, dog grooming salon, restaurant or home, like our Mobile On-Site Service, I will pick-up at your home, shop or location and bring your items to my shop to be sharpened. I will then deliver them back to you usually within 24 - 72 hours. There will be a nominal "travel time and gas" charge depending upon the size of the sharpening order, your location from our San Diego workshop and how soon you need your order completed. Typical pick-up and delivery charges range between $ 25 - $ 50 per order. Please call for a quote. On a case by case basis I may be able to provide “same-day service" for emergencies. I may be able to also provide you with loaner shears and clipper blades while I sharpen yours.

Mobile On-Site

Our San Diego County shear sharpening service for Stylists, Barbers and Dog Groomers allows me to set up a personal workspace in a small corner of your salon or shop with access to an electrical outlet. I will set up my own portable workspace and shear sharpening machine which includes a small table, folding chair and light. Being on-site allows me to provide you with immediate, same-day, extremely high quality sharpening every time. I can sharpen beveled and convex shears with the Mobile On-Site Service but Clipper blades can only be done at my shop due to the size of the high-tech machinery and tools I use to sharpen your clipper blades to perfection. I can usually turn those around in 24 hours. I can also provide you with loaner shears and clipper blades while I sharpen yours.

Postal Mail

When mailing your Stylists, Barber and Dog Grooming shears and clipper blades or knives for sharpening they will be sharpened and shipped back to you in protective packaging within 48 hours of receipt. Your shears will be returned via USPS Priority Mail, with the same level of insurance you selected when mailing them to me. I will email you a receipt and tracking number.