Introductory Special for Hairstylist Salons, Barbershops and Dog Groomers.

Give Our Quality San Diego Shear Sharpening Services a Try for FREE and without obligation!

In order to introduce you to the quality of my sharpening skills and services I am happy to offer, each Stylist, Groomer and Barber in your shop with my services of sharpening 1 pair of beveled or convex shears for FREE and without obligation to sharpen any additional shears or clipper blades.  

Of course, I'll sharpen any additional shears or clipper blades too if you would like, but otherwise, I will just leave you my business card, bid you a good day and then wait for your call to return if you are convinced my skills and services are better than what you are currently receiving.

First Time Customers:

Receive a FREE Sharpening of either 1 Pair of Beveled or Convex Shears, 2 Clipper Blades or your Longest Knife! 

You can also Receive a 10% Discount Off Your Next Sharpening Service with Every New Sharpening Referral.

Call, Text or Email:  (619) 948-3673  |  Melissa@SharpPerfection.com